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Chicken Wire Used in Garden

  • Garden Used Chicken Wire

    Garden Used Chicken Wire

    A chicken wire mesh is fixed on the wooden frame and a trench is created for deterring gophers.

  • Chicken Wire - Garden Fence

    Chicken Wire - Garden Fence

    Chicken wire is a good helper for garden lovers. Galvanized and PVC coated chicken wire is ideal material for garden fence, climbing plant trellis.

  • Gopher Control Wire Mesh

    Gopher Control Wire Mesh

    Piles of sod are lying on galvanized hexagonal gopher wire mesh, with left mesh rolled in the front.

  • Chicken Fence Post

    Chicken Fence Post

    Chicken Wire Fence Posts If you are purchasing Chicken Wire to be used to build a fence you may also need fence posts. These fence posts have a green baked enamel finish, fastening clips every 6", and are available in two gauges and various lengths.