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Craft chicken wire mesh size 50mm, length 2.5m - 5m

Craft chicken wire details:
Chicken wire / craft wire.
Dimensions: 5cm × 5m, 5cm × 2.5m.

Color: apple green, gold, red, pink, copper, silver. Pictures as below:

  • The subtle green is optimal to use as in tasteful table decorations or other stylish accents in the living area.
  • Gold color is especially suitable for very fine decorations at the golden wedding anniversary.
  • Red color is especially for ornaments particularly hearted occasion a very appropriate color (such as for table decorations) and for Christmas decorations.
  • This decorative aluminum wire is ideal for designing floristic decorations. It can really be used as a flexible substrate, he also decorates as such and at will is malleable. 

A piece of red craft chicken wire
CCW1: Craft chicken wire with red color
A piece of golden craft chicken wire
CCW2: Craft chicken wire with gold color
A piece of craft chicken wire in apple green color
CCW3: Craft chicken wire in apple green color

A roll of black color decorative chicken wire
CCW4: Black decorative chicken wire
A roll of decorative aluminum chicken wire in silver color
CCW5: Anodised aluminum decorative chicken wire
A roll of decorative copper chicken wire
CCW6: Decorative copper chicken wire

A roll of bright green color decorative chicken wire
CCW7: Green decorative chicken wire
A roll of wine red color decorative chicken wire
CCW8: Decorative chicken wire in wine red color
A roll of decorative chicken wire in pink color
CCW9: Decorative chicken wire in pink color

Hot products size and use

  • 1/2 inch hex shaped metal chicken wire in green color for craft projects.

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