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  • Rabbit Netting

    Rabbit Netting

    Rabbit wire netting is ideal for rabbit and chicken cages, garden fencing, as tree and plant protection, and for various stables or as a climbing aid.

  • Chicken Wire - Garden Fence

    Chicken Wire - Garden Fence

    Chicken wire is a good helper for garden lovers. Galvanized and PVC coated chicken wire is ideal material for garden fence, climbing plant trellis.

  • Chicken Coop Wire Fence

    Chicken Coop Wire Fence

    Chicken coop wire fence is a type of hexagonal netting made from 18 gauge galvanized wire or green PVC coated wire, mesh size 50mm, roll height 1.0m, 2.0m.

  • Chicken Wire for Various Animals

    Chicken Wire for Various Animals

    Galvanized and PVC coated chicken wire netting is common used for fencing nurseries, brooding, chicken, bantam, poultry, peacock, pig, pheasant, and wild boars.

  • Chicken Wire Fence

    Chicken wire fence

    Chicken wire fence is a hexagon pattern fence that was traditionally used to keep chickens in their coops. Chicken wire fence netting pricing depends on the wire materials, wire diameter, and mesh sizes.

  • Chicken Wire

    Chicken Wire

    It is also named poultry netting or Hexagonal Wire, and used to fence poultry livestock. It can be designed in Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC wire.

  • Poultry Netting

    Poultry Netting

    Poultry netting also named poultry wire is a kind of light chicken wire. It is suitable as the fencing for protecting rabbits, chicken, quail, furry animals and other domestic fowl.

  • Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    Galvanized and PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh is widely used in industry, construction, agriculture and horticulture. Roll length up to 100m.

  • Chicken Mesh

    Chicken Mesh

    Chicken mesh is one type hexagonal wire netting, such as galvanized, plastic coated and stainless steel wire mesh.

  • Chicken Cages

    Chicken Cages

    Hexagonal Netting chicken cage can have a number of different designs depending on how much space you have and the number of your chicken.

  • Black Vinyl Coated Chicken Wire Fencing

    Black Vinyl Coated Chicken Wire Fencing

    Black Vinyl Coated Chicken Wire has an approximate 18 gauge overall finished thickness and is very corrosion resistant.

  • Galvanized Chicken Wire

    Galvanized Chicken Wire

    Galvanized chicken Wire is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel wire, and we use double galvanized technical to make it more resistant to corrosion and have a longer life.

  • Stainless Steel Chicken Wire

    Stainless Steel Chicken Wire

    Stainless steel chicken wire is mainly made of thin and flexible stainless steel wire with hexagonal gaps. Different diameters are available, including 1 inch (about 2.5cm) diameter, 2 inch (about 5cm) and 1/2 inch (about 1.3cm).

  • Craft Chicken Wire

    Craft Chicken Wire

    Craft chicken wire in apple green, gold, red, pink, copper, silver color. They are suitable for tasteful table, Christmas and wedding anniversary decorations.

  • PVC Coated Chicken Wire

    PVC Coated Chicken Wire

    PVC coated chicken wire. Core wire can be galvanized iron wire, black annealed iron wire low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire.

  • Chicken Fence Post

    Chicken Fence Post

    Chicken Wire Fence Posts If you are purchasing Chicken Wire to be used to build a fence you may also need fence posts. These fence posts have a green baked enamel finish, fastening clips every 6", and are available in two gauges and various lengths.

  • Reinforced Chicken Wire

    Reinforced Chicken Wire

    Reinforced chicken wire is formed by reinforce wire which intersect at an angle of 120 with a third wire, forming the large base of hexagonal wire netting.

  • Rockfall Barrier

    Rockfall Barrier

    Galvanized hexagonal wire netting rockfall barrier system protects slopes against landslides and falling stones or rocks.

  • Chicken Wire for Plastering

    Chicken Wire for Plastering

    Chicken wire mesh has specific physical and mechanical properties suitable for use in plastering construction. Here tell you why.

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