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Chicken wire sculptures - two eagles and a dog

Chicken wire sculpture is created by innovative artists made from chicken wire mesh. For example, use of the chicken mesh to create a series of exquisite sculptures, including Edmund Hilary, a koala bear, a monkey and so on. Besides, some folk artisans make chicken-wire Christmas balls by rolling chicken wire into a ball and attaching Christmas lights to it.

Here are three photos of chicken wire sculptures: the first one is an eagle falls on a tree stump, the second is the eagle fell to the ground and looking like to catch mice. The last one is a dog listening to something. These sculptures are really realistic.

An eagle sculpture falls on a tree stump spreading wings

An eagle sculpture falls on a tree stump

Eagle sculpture fell to the ground and looking like to catch mice

An eagle sculpture on the ground

Chicken Wire Sculpture - dog listening to something

Dog sculpture

You can use our small hexagonal holes chicken wire make a wire sculpture for your lovely dog or cat, even a small bird, as long as you want. Of course, building a large scale sculpture using chicken wire is a wise choice.

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