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Chicken Wire Application Article list

  • GBW Hexagonal Wire Netting

    GBW Hexagonal Wire Netting

    Galvanized before weaving hexagonal wire netting is also known as chicken wire fence or poultry fence. Hexagonal wire netting is used in chicken pens, garden fences, craft projects.

  • Chicken Wire Sculptures

    Chicken Wire Sculptures

    Chicken wire sculpture is created by innovative artists made from chicken wire mesh. For example, use of the chicken mesh to create a series of exquisite sculptures, including Edmund Hilary, a koala bear, a monkey and so on.

  • General Uses

    General Uses

    Chicken mesh is mostly used as fencing for poultry farms, bird cages, tennis courts and light reinforcement in splinter proof glass and cement concrete, plastering and laying of roads.

  • Rabbit Netting

    Rabbit Netting

    Rabbit Netting is made from the traditional hexagonal wire netting with a mesh size of 31mm.