Rabbit netting made from hexagonal wire netting.

Rabbit wire netting is made from  the traditional hexagonal wire netting with a mesh size of 31 mm. Rabbits are widely considered to be a pest which cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to property and crops each year. The normal answer is to erect a permanent barrier of rabbit netting dug into the ground and fixed to strained wires and timber fencing posts to deter entry to the effected area. The netting can also be fixed to other types of boundary fences to create a dual purpose fence.

The 31 mm rabbit fencing available is made of 1 mm and 1.2 mm thick wires, it is always recommended that the thicker grade of wire is used where integrity of the fence is vital. There is some inconclusive evidence to suggest rabbits may occasionally bite through the thinner mesh but either way it is more prone to damage from Badgers. Neither variety is proof against streaming which is a very real threat to the integrity of this type of fence. Normal wire netting widths are 1050 mm and 1200 mm to create a fence height of between 750 mm and 900 mm once the base of the fence is buried or folded over to deter the rabbits from burrowing under the fence.

The rabbit wire fence should comply with BS EN 10223-2 1998 which details tolerances for mesh size, wire thickness and weight of galvanizing.

Rabbit netting, chicken wire

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