Hexagonal Woven Chicken Wire Mesh for Young Trees against Wild Animals

Chicken wire mesh 200/22/15 with purpose of maximum protection of young trees planted in the forest, against wild animals: hares, roe deer, wild boars, rabbits.


  1. quantity 5700 m;
  2. wire mesh must be hexagonal weaved, not welded;
  3. height not less 2.00 m;
  4. thickness of wires of mesh edges not less 2.00 mm, thickness of horizontal and vertical mesh wires not less 1.6 mm;
  5. Mesh size no more than 50 mm;
  6. distance between the vertical wires - 15 cm;
  7. wire mesh must be protected by zinc coating;
  8. the product quality certification is required.
Galvanized chicken wire mesh rolls in plastic film package.
Galvanized chicken wire mesh is suitable for young trees protection against wild hares, roe deer, wild boars, and rabbits.

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