Four chickens with in chicken wire fence, and our chicken wire products listed in this image.

Chicken wire for feeding chicken and other animals

Chicken wire is named poultry mesh or hexagonal wire netting. It is used in garden for small bird protection, or as poultry or small animals housing. And it is used in agricultural. According to the materials, it comes in three types: galvanized chicken wire mesh, stainless steel wire netting, PVC coated green wire netting.

Nine types of chicken wire mesh application: gopher control, chicken fence, poultry fence, crafts, rockfall barrier, sculpture for plants.

Galvanized wire chicken mesh is mainly used in the garden for bird protection. In which, 13 mm hole is used to make fruit cages and sculpture, 25-50 mm hole for poultry enclosures, garden borders and bird protection, 31-50 mm hole for rabbit protection.
PVC coated wire netting is used in the garden or agricultural use. Its core wire is 17 or 19 gauge galvanized wire.
Stainless steel chicken mesh can be made to poultry or small animals housing, or used in agricultural, walkways, wooden bridges. It also can be placed under a lawn to protect against gophers and moles.
Vinyl coated mesh is more durability over the galvanizing. The galvanized only apron fence holds up to the elements of the weather for about 10 years but a good galvanized wire vinyl/PVC coated has a rust through guarantee of 20 years.
Chicken wire fences have the features of robust construction, the surface smooth, good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.
We supply three weaving types chicken netting: positive twist, reverse twist, double twist.

Chicken wire fencing is mainly used for feeding chicken, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence, machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt fence. It can be made into a box-shaped containers and cages filled with rocks used to protect and support the seawall, hillsides, roads and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering, is the flood control's good material. Chicken netting is also used by some artists to create sculptures or used to stucco wall.

Rabbit netting made from heavy zinc coating or PVC coated wires, is perfect for rabbit protection. It also often used as flower and vegetable beds to protect from hungry rabbits or marten by wise gardeners. Rabbit netting may be fixed to the bottom of woven or welded wire fence forming a rabbit fencing to prevent rabbit entering farmland. When install rabbit wire netting, you'd better bury the wire netting about 30 mm or 50 mm deep into the ground with right angles to the fence, forming an "L" shape in the direction of the rabbits.

Chicken wire gopher control system could be used to deter gophers, voles and many other rodents from lawn, gardens, play grounds in the form of wire mesh panel or basket.

With time went by, chicken wire mesh is no longer just fence to protect our egg-laying friends from foxes anymore, it is showing up as decorations like chicken wire ribbon, chicken wire for crafts, chicken wire wall, chicken wire frame, chicken wire sculpture.

Hot Products

The most popular products and specifications
  • PVC coated chicken wire netting, mesh size 25mm, wire diameter 1.3, width 1.0 m.
  • Black vinyl coated chicken wire fencing, 1 meter high with 13 mm mesh size.
  • 18 gauge stainless steel chicken wire 3 feet wide with 50 mm mesh.
  • 20 gauge galvanized iron chicken mesh with 25 mm hexagonal pattern.
  • 2 inch hex poultry wire - 20ga, 60 inch wide.
  • 18 inch or 24 inch 22 gauge chicken wire used to backup plastic deer fence against rabbits and racoons biting.
  • Gal hexagonal chicken mesh wire BWG 22 × 3ft × 1/2 × 1/2 × 50yd rolls
  • Small pattern hex wire netting with mesh size of 25 mm to 30 mm for nursery.
  • Galvanized hexagonal wire netting BWG-22 × 3/4", width 4' - 6'.
  • Hexagonal wire mesh (electric galvanised before weaving) with aperture 13mm - 19mm, wire gauge 0.51mm - 0.65mm, width 1.22m - 1.5m.
  • Hexagonal triple twist mesh 25 m / 50 m rolls in galvanized annealed wire diameter 0.8 mm, mesh 2 inch and 1 m width.
  • Stainless steel hex wire fence in rolls with 0.7 mm wire and 12 mm × 12 mm mesh, Installed in the ground and serves as a protection against voles.
  • Stucco netting rolls with 17 - 20 gauge wire and mesh 2inch, 36 inch wide.
  • Hex wire netting (hot dipped galvanized after weaving) BWG 24 × 1/2" × 3 feet × 150 feet/roll, packed in black kraft paper wrapper.

Chicken Netting Advantages

chicken wire mesh woven structure vs chain link mesh structure

Our chicken wire, whether it is straight twist woven or anti-twist woven, two wires adjacent to each other twist 4-5 times. This netting has stronger and more stable woven structure than the general wire fence (such as chain link fence). Thus, if a place is cut off, will not lead to the entire chicken mesh structure destroyed. However, In chain link fence, two adjacent wires are twist once. If any point of the chain link fence was cut off, the adjacent points will destroyed. And this will lead to the scrapping of the entire chain link fence structure. Using the same diameter and the same material wire, we can woven more durable and stronger chicken netting than chain link fence cages.

Bruce Scofield
New Mexico
Practical chicken wire fence

Chicken wire fence is fixed on the wooden frame to protect my little chicken from notorious foxes. It is really resultful, and now, I will not worry about my chick. What's more, it seem really rigid, I believe it will last for years.

Abraham Fabian
Gorgeous chicken wire ribbon

I use golden chicken wire ribbon to make a wrath for home in Christmas. The golden color goes well with little twigs. I put it on the doorknob. Not surprisingly, all of my visitors appreciate it very much.

Mike Garland
Very practical to eliminate gopher

We are a artificial turf company and we sell and install turf, and we offer some our customers their Chicken Wire product to help with eliminate gopher problems in landscape. It is very practical to eliminate gopher problems.

Imogene Segars
Keep birds from my blueberries

Chicken wire fencing with 1/2 inch opening to replace the plastic bird netting I've erected on the frame over my blueberries. Large mesh didn't stop smaller birds from getting to the berries. The small opening holes fencing done.