Combine chicken wire mesh with cabinet, bookcase, French armoire, dresser, cupboard, pantry door, and else as screen. As bookshelf door in your study room, kitchen ware container door for your cookhouse, or just the original armoire door in your bedroom, or just any screen for your stuff... What's more, chicken wire pairs especially well with distressed finish on the cabinetry.

Or only use chicken wire mesh make a chicken wire shelf as spice rack in your kitchen or medicine cabinet in your bathroom, small bookshelf besides your bed...

This application comes from its visibility: you can conveniently see anything behind the screen. Also, this rustic cabinet would make for a eye catching display in your home!

For chicken wire mesh used for cabinets, 22-28 gauge wire and 3/8"–1/2" mesh opening are suitable. Chicken wire is sold by rolls with length being 50', width 24" or 36", but other sizes will also available under request.

A distressed chicken wire cabinet is standing in courtyard.
CWC-01: A country chic cabinet made of distressed wood and chicken wire mesh.
A chicken wire cupboard contains with many cookies, white cups and standing cups.
CWC-02: A chicken wire cupboard with chicken wire used as pantry door.
A white chicken wire french armoires has colorful bolsters inside it.
CWC-03: A white chicken wire french armoires made of chicken wire mesh suits your bedding room style.
A white chicken wire shelf is placed in bathroom, and therefore, many toiletries inside.
CWC-04: A white chicken wire shelf made white frame and chicken wire mesh could be made for bathroom.
A timber chicken wire shelf stores lots of exhibitions inside.
CWC-05: A log and chicken wire made chicken wire shelf is used for storing exhibitions.
A green chicken wire shelf is mounted on wall, plants are placed inside.
CWC-06: A plants exhibition made of chicken wire mesh and green painted log.
Bottle of spice are placed on a chicken wire mesh made shelf in kitchen.
CWC-07: A purely chicken wire shelf made spice rack in kitchen.
A white painted small chicken wire cabinet is mounted on wall, empty inside.
CWC-08: A empty white chicken wire mesh made shelf suits for a modern style house.
Several artware are placed on chicken wire shelf against wall.
CWC-09: Chicken wire mesh could be used as back or front screen for cabinet and shelf, which could store food, clothes or exhibit artware, books.
A round shelf has wine, cups and plants inside.
CWC-10: Use chicken wire mesh makes a round shelf, plates could be used to store something.
A purely chicken wire mesh made shelf with hooks.
CWC-11: A black shelf made totally by chicken wire mesh.
A rusty chicken wire shelf has several grids.
CWC-12: A rusty self-standing shelf made purely by chicken wire mesh.


  • It allows a complete visibility while providing a distinct yet subtle effect.
  • It decorates in a mixture with modern style merges with industrial style merges with rustic style.
  • It a down-to-earth resource that can realize both antique and bright look.

Note: It is chicken wire mesh we supply, no cabinet.

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