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  • Craft Chicken Wire

    Craft Chicken Wire

    Craft chicken wire in apple green, gold, red, pink, copper, silver color. They are suitable for tasteful table, Christmas and wedding anniversary decorations.

  • A roll of purple chicken wire ribbon is lying there with part of ribbon extended.

    Chicken Wire Ribbon

    Small size of chicken wire ribbon being 15 ft × 2.5 in, or 9 ft × 4 in could be customized into any color for your different crafts desires.

  • A obround chicken wire design is decorated with jewels.

    Chicken Wire for Crafts

    Chicken wire can may be made into crafts for its flexible structure. 22-28 gauge wire and 3/8–1/2 inch chicken wire mesh are suitable for chicken wire craft.

  • Chicken wire wall is decorated with various ornamentation, with bed in the front of the wall.

    Chicken Wire Wall

    To hang something on wall but prevent poking holes, chicken wire mesh could be attached onto wall, which would create a shiny or rustic farmhouse style.

  • Chicken wire frame with faux flower on the upper left corner.

    Chicken Wire Frame

    Chicken wire mesh is a perfect material for frames used to hold memo board, earrings, pictures for a exhibition and decorative effect.

  • Black chicken wire basket contains yellow paper and bread.

    Chicken Wire Basket

    Rigid chicken wire could be used as material for basket, in which fruits, vegetable, bread, eggs could be contained inside in kitchen, living room, garden or restaurant.

  • Several artware are placed on chicken wire shelf against wall.

    Chicken Wire Cabinets

    Chicken wire mesh is a perfect screen of cabinets like French armoire, cupboard, even pantry door for its visible and aesthetic effect.

  • A giant woman is lying on the ground.

    Chicken Wire Sculpture

    Chicken wire mesh could be fabricated into sculptures or used as frame for plants, plaster dinosaur, it could also be made into chicken wire floats.

  • Three bottles contain three candles. They are protected by chicken wire mesh lamp, decorated with crystal.

    Chicken Wire Lampshade

    Chicken wire mesh could be used as lampshade for pedant light, table light, LED light or candle in glass bottle, which will bring a vintage atmosphere.

  • Chicken wire is embedded into glass window for a manorial place.

    Chicken Wire Glass

    Chicken wire mesh could be embedded into corrugated or flat glass, which would make the glass appearance appealing but also fire and attack resistance.