Paint the frame into different colors and styles, fix the chicken wire mesh onto. On account of the frame colors and shapes, this framed chicken wire should always get with your room styles. Just set in to a lovely frame of your choice.

Wall mounted decoration not only is one of the most essential part to charm your house, but save space, too. Several planks and chicken wire mesh are combined into a frame structure used both for storage and display. Rustic wood could be painted and stained used for place plants, bottles and jars on, while chicken wire mesh, by its very nature, could be directly used for attaching jewelry like necklaces and earrings and made itself a chicken wire jewelry organizer, attaching photos, memos and made itself a chicken wire memo board, instant message board. Perhaps leaving it alone and bare without any accessories is another option which will adds some rustic wall accent. Customers have ordered our chicken wire mesh of 23" × 38".

If plants are wanted indoor, chicken wire frame is a perfect product to satisfy your requirements and an fairly economical one. Plant the plants into the already fixed chicken wire frame sealed with plank or without if it is faux flower you plant. Insert moss, soil, vermiculite as growing base, screen material, burlap or plastic liner as cover to keep moisture in the container as long as possible. There a vertical chicken wire planter is completed, after you can hang it on a wall or placed on a tabletop, both offers the beauty of greens without the upkeep.

Chicken wire frame with faux flower on the upper left corner.
CWF-01: Chicken wire mesh is fixed into planks, which made into a chicken wire frame. It could be used to hold jewelry, memos, picture.
White Chicken wire frame is hung on wall.
CWF-02: Round chicken wire frame made of white painted distressed wood.
Yellow painted wood, chicken wire mesh, leaves are joined together to be a chicken wire frame.
CWF-03: A chicken wire frame used for decoration.
Blue chicken wire frame is hung on the wall, and necklace is hung inside the frame.
CWF-04: Blue chicken wire frame has jewelry hang inside, made itself a chicken wire jewelry organizer.
Inside the white chicken wire frame, there are many postcard attached.
CWF-05: A chicken wire frame could attach postcards and memos on.
Brushes, blower and other tools are hung in a chicken wire frame on wall.
CWF-06: Little tools could be hung on the chicken wire frame.
A surface plate is fixed on chicken wire frame, and therefor phones and jars is placed on the plate.
CWF-07: A surface plate is fixed on chicken wire frame so that your little things could be placed on.
A timber and chicken wire mesh made chicken wire frame is hung on the wall, and flowers are placed on the plate.
CWF-08: A box shaped chicken wire frame is hung on the wall.
Distressed wood made chicken wire frame has a garland inside it.
CWF-09: Distressed chicken wire frame and garland is used together to decorate your house.
A white chicken wire frame has three bottle hung with it, and flowers are placed in each of the bottles.
CWF-10: Jars and bottles could be hung on the chicken wire frame, to create both a functional containment and a stylish decor accent.
Plants and flowers are planted on a frame and the scene shows a wedding ceremony.
CWF-11: A chicken wire frame could be used as background of wedding ceremony.
Ferns are placed inside the frame indoor.
CWF-12: A huge chicken wire frame could be use to grow ferns indoor.


  • Black mild steel appears a dark grey/gun metal color.
  • Solid brass mesh appears as a matt gold colour with 60-70% copper plus 30-40% zinc.
  • Bronze mesh is more moldable with 90% Copper, 10% Zinc.
  • Stainless steel mesh is stronger and more suits for industrial product.
  • Aluminum mesh lasts for generations.

Chicken wire specification:

  • 3/8" mesh by 28 gauge wire.
  • 1/2" mesh by 22 gauge wire.
  • 1/2" mesh by 23 gauge wire.
  • 3" mesh by 23 gauge wire.
  • Length being 50', width being 24" or 36" for full roll, other size available.

Surface finish:

  • Spray lacquer or galvanization can achieve patinated or shiny effect.
  • Its painted white finish makes it lovely in wedding crafts.
  • Its galvanized finish adds a bright, silvery shine.
  • Its rusty, painted finish is perfect for a vintage look.
  • It could be coated with black, white or green
  • All colours available.


  • It is inexpensive compared with other same kind wire mesh product, and can achieve equally impact.
  • It is extremely flexible, and not overly sturdy.
  • It allows a complete visibility while providing a distinct yet subtle effect.
  • It decorates in a mixture with modern style merges with industrial style merges with rustic style.
  • It a down-to-earth resource that can realize both antique and bright look.

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