The quickest and most efficient way to update home atmosphere is light: dusky light, bright light, shiny light. All light shall accommodate with versatile and inexpensive chicken wire made lampshade. The mesh openings allow for the passing of the majority of light, and the metal wire changes the ambiance and provides a warm light around the home, trees or something else.

Chicken wire light is attached easily to recessed light protruding from ceiling or vertical wall; attached to mason jar with candle inside; table light; decorative colorful LED light... Chicken wire candle lanterns are functional in both home as an eye-catching centerpiece or in porch. Chicken wire table light fits as both a ornamentation and a night reading light. Chicken wire pendant lamp establish the whole atmosphere of the room. Chicken wire LED light mostly used in party, public house...

In a nutshell, chicken wire light transform dramatically the look of a room in seconds and is inexpensive. Just make sure the lampshade is not too close to the light or flame.

For chicken wire mesh used for decoration, 22-28 gauge wire and 3"–1/2" mesh opening are suitable. Chicken wire is sold by rolls with length being 50', width 24" or 36", but other sizes will also available under request.

Blank coated chicken wire comes into a lampshade for a pendant light.
CWL-01: Chicken wire mesh could be used as pendant lampshade in a modern style home.
Chicken wire mesh, together with wood frame, is made into a protection shade for pendant light.
CWL-02: Chicken wire mesh, together with wood frame, is made into a pendant light shade for a vintage style house.
Chicken wire mesh is made into a holder for a sculptural light decoration by kiln-forming techniques.
CWL-03: Chicken wire mesh is used as holder for a sculptural glass pendant light decoration.
Red glass is kiln-formed into sculptural light.
CWL-04: Glass is tightly hold by chicken wire mesh in ceiling, which could be used as a pendant light.
Three bottles contain three candles. They are protected by chicken wire mesh lamp, decorated with crystal.
CWL-05: Chicken wire mesh could be manufactured into a decorative lampshade for candle light, pedant light, table light and the like in both indoor or outdoor.
Long pendulous rustic chicken wire mesh is created as a decoration for light.
CWL-06: Together with artificial flowers, chicken wire mesh is used a decoration outside the lamp.
Chicken wire mesh is used as a shade for table light sat in table.
CWL-07: Chicken wire mesh is used as lampshade for table light.
Chicken wire lamp is placed on the top of a bottle contained eggs.
CWL-08: Chicken wire mesh could be used to wrap lampshade.
Galvanized chicken wire mesh is bend and overlapped into a LED light holder.
CWL-09: Chicken wire mesh made LED light holder.
LED lights are hung onto a tree outside.
CWL-10: Fix blue LED lights into the chicken wire mesh holder, and then hang in onto the wall.
A totally chicken wire made cover is used as an atmosphere exaggerated decoration.
CWL-11: Chicken wire mesh made candle lid.
Two distressed blue table light have two candles inside each.
CWL-12: Chicken wire mesh is used as candle shade.
By wrapping a mason jar with chicken wire mesh, a decorative candle bottle is completed.
CWL-13: Wrapping mason jar with chicken wire, place candle inside it.
Two bottles of brushes is placed here, with chicken wire wrapping it.
CWL-14: Wrapping mason jar with chicken wire, place brushes or other little things inside it, to achieve both collect and decorative effect.

Chicken wire material:

  • Black mild steel appears a dark grey/gun metal color.
  • Solid brass mesh appears as a matt gold colour with 60-70% copper plus 30-40% zinc.
  • Bronze mesh is more moldable with 90% copper, 10% zinc.
  • Stainless steel mesh is stronger and more suits for industrial product.
  • Aluminum mesh lasts for generations.

Surface finish:

  • Spray lacquer or galvanization can achieve patinated or shiny effect.
  • Its painted white finish makes it lovely in wedding crafts.
  • Its galvanized finish adds a bright, silvery shine.
  • Its rusty, painted finish is perfect for a vintage look.
  • It could be coated with black, white or green.
  • All colours available.


  • It decorates in a mixture with modern style merges with industrial style merges with rustic style.
  • It a down-to-earth resource that can realize both antique and bright look.

Note: It is the chicken wire mesh used as lampshade we supply, not light.

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