Thin wire and fine mesh opening, flexible structure and various spray colors and so on, all of these features make chicken wire a perfect product for sculpture and inner frame for plants. Compared with welded wire mesh, perforated mesh and others, chicken wire mesh has the advantages of technique simple, material economical, weight light. Thus by using chicken wire mesh, there is no need to shell out the big bucks to create a warm and welcoming home.

Chicken wire material:

  • Black mild steel appears a dark grey/gun metal color.
  • Solid brass mesh appears as a matt gold colour with 60-70% copper plus 30-40% zinc.
  • Bronze mesh is more moldable with 90% Copper, 10% Zinc.
  • Stainless steel mesh is stronger and more suits for industrial product.
  • Aluminum mesh lasts for generations.

Surface finish:

  • Spray lacquer or galvanization can achieve patinated or shiny effect.
  • Its painted white finish makes it lovely in wedding crafts.
  • Its galvanized finish adds a bright, silvery shine.
  • Its rusty, painted finish is perfect for a vintage look.
  • It could be coated with black, white or green
  • All colours available.

Chicken wire specification:

  • 3/8" mesh by 28 gauge wire.
  • 1/2" mesh by 22 gauge wire.
  • 1/2" mesh by 23 gauge wire.
  • 3" mesh by 23 gauge wire.
  • Length being 50', width being 24" or 36" for full roll, other size available.

Chicken Wire Sculpture

From simple geometric shapes or fanciful shapes to sculptures of animals or figural statues, chicken wire sculptures make itself a charming and creative way to accessorize interior house, backyard gardens and public areas.

A galvanized chicken wire made young man or woman sitting on the lawn is reading book.
CWS-01: Chicken wire sculpture – figural states.
A rusty chicken wire mesh made coat is placed in a some forest like place.
CWS-02: Chicken wire sculpture – rusty coat.
A chicken wire mesh made pink dress is place on the ground.
CWS-03: Chicken wire sculpture – pink dress.
At night, light green stem, yellow bud, and white petal made chicken wire mesh flower is standing.
CWS-04: Chicken wire sculpture – colorful flower.

Chicken Wire Mesh Used as Sculpture Frame

Chicken wire mesh could also be used as support for dressed ghost in Hollowen, be used as frame for plaster made dinosaurs, be used as holder for papier mache.

Galvanized chicken wire mesh is manufactured into a upper body, placed on the table.
CWS-05: Inner support frame.
Three white dress coated human shape states are placed on the ground.
CWS-06: Dresses are put onto the inner support frame showed in.
After adding paper, plastic film into the chicken wire frame, a huge artificial tree is completed.
CWS-07: Chicken wire mesh frame used as support for the artificial huge tree.
A scaring dinosaur's head is placed on a plank.
CWS-08: Pipe and chicken wire mesh is made into a frame for dinosaur's head.
Several giant dinosaur modals are standing.
CWS-09: Chicken wire mesh could be used as support for dinosaur modal.
Concrete is applied onto the chicken wire mesh and paper made frame.
CWS-10: Chicken wire mesh is used as frame for a concrete sculpture.
A rustic and white concrete mushroom is standing.
CWS-11: Chicken wire mesh and concrete made mushroom is completed.
Stucco, chicken wire mesh and leaf are spread.
CWS-12: The process of stucco leaf making needs chicken wire mesh as frame.
A huge bright green leaf here.
CWS-13: The completion of stucco leaf.

Chicken Wire Sculpture for Plants

Traditional topiary can no longer satisfy tourists' psychology. Incredible topiaries are created for some unique shapes of plants with the help of chicken wire mesh.

Chicken wire sculpture used by gardeners is a hidden, secret support system for plants where moistened sphagnum moss and then plants are filled. Thus, grotesque plants come into being.

A giant plant pig is placed on a garden.
CWS-14: Chicken wire mesh supported, mass, soil and seeds are mixed together to be a pig shaped plant.
A giant woman is lying on the ground.
CWS-15: Chicken wire could be made into a sculpture, which would be used as frame of sculpture for plant, floats, plaster dinosaur, dressed ghosts and so on.

Chicken Wire Floats

It is common to see the many parade floats in numerous carnivals held all over the world. But, it's hard to imagine the spectacular floats we admire have their origins with simple wood, chicken wire and tissue paper. On account of the huge shape of floats and budget, tissue paper, chicken wire maybe one set of the most inexpensive and material to operate and therefore to choose. With the help of these simple construction materials, imagination guide us to those novelty.

Chicken wire mesh and tubes are made into a frame for car.
CWS-16: Together with tubes, chicken wire mesh could be created into a frame for car.
A man is laying paper into the car frame.
CWS-17: Paper could be lay into the chicken wire mesh made car frame.
A giant purple frog on a car.
CWS-18: Chicken wire mesh and tissue made a car used giant purple frog.
A colorful chicken wire float is marching on the street.
CWS-19: Chicken wire mesh could be used as support for chicken wire floats.

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