Have you get tired of poking millions of holes and destroy the wall finally? As a simple solution to your dilemma, chicken wire wall realizes a fantastic effect. It suits especially for farmhouse style decor. And it is impossible to breakout budget. In addition, it is an reusable gallery wall.

Chicken wire is sold by rolls with length being 50', width 24" or 36", but other sizes will also available under request. The material of chicken wire mesh could be galvanized steel, or stainless for it is strong, or aluminum for it could last a long time.

Chicken wire specification:

  • 3/8" mesh by 28 gauge wire.
  • 1/2" mesh by 22 gauge wire.
  • 1/2" mesh by 23 gauge wire.
  • 3" mesh by 23 gauge wire.

Surface Finish:

  • Spray lacquer or galvanization can achieve patinated or shiny effect.
  • Its painted white finish makes it lovely in wedding crafts.
  • Its rusty, painted finish is perfect for a vintage look.
  • All colours available.

A woman is stapling strips of chicken wire onto wall.
CWW-01: Staple strips of chicken wire onto wall.
Chicken wire wall is completed, with ladder and broom left.
CWW-02: A complete wall of chicken wire mesh.
Chicken wire wall is decorated with various ornamentation, with bed in the front of the wall.
CWW-03: Chicken wire mesh could be attached onto wall, onto which anything you like could be hung, and finally it will create a farmhouse style.
A room with door open, the wall of the room is mounted with chicken wire mesh and other decorations.
CWW-04: The edge of chicken wire mesh should be bend over so as not to cause injuries to anyone.
Half of the wall is stapled with chicken wire mesh, and also a light switch is hidden under the mesh.
CWW-05: A wide roll of chicken wire mesh is stapled onto half of the wall.
Photos and cards is attached onto the chicken wire mesh wall.
CWW-06: Small wooden clips are used to fixed the photos onto the chicken wire wall.
The blank wall is filled with chicken wire mesh and postcards.
CWW-07: Meaningful postcards are attached onto the chicken wire mesh.
U shaped staples with chicken wire mesh on the wall is shown.
CWW-08: U shaped staples are used to attach chicken wire mesh onto the wall.


Measure the size of your wall and have an approximate idea on what's the appropriate size of chicken wire mesh for your conception. Select the most suitable chicken wire mesh in hardware store, and don't forget convenient tools to buy. Cut the hexagonal chicken wire mesh into proper size and spray paint some fun colors, stain it as expected, or not if the plain industrial color is satisfied. Staple the chicken wire mesh to the wall, pull tightly to get it as flush to the wall as possible. Finally a blank but subtle geometric backdrop "canvas" waiting for your decoration is finished now.

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