Although the wide use of chicken wire mesh in chicken protection, chicken wire mesh is no longer just for chicken anymore. The distinctive feature of chicken wire mesh is its hexagons. And benefited from its light weight, it is found gradually that chicken wire mesh might also apply wonderfully to various garden applications. In the light of customers' demands, we market five chicken wire mesh products used in garden as following:

Chicken Wire Garden Fence

Garden fence is commonly used to screen out the unwanted animals and pets like rabbits, rat, deer, neighbor dogs or cats out in a friendly way. Compared with welded wire fence and expanded metal fence, chicken wire mesh is lighter, inexpensive. Compared with chain-link fence, chicken wire mesh is not easy to unravel. Therefor chicken wire is an better option for medium security needed places. Nevertheless, the selection of type and specification of garden fence is determined by your garden circumstances and intruder you want to deter.

Galvanized chicken wire mesh used for surrounding garden has usually 1 inch opening between two 20 gauge twisted wires. Stretching wires are added every 50 cm to increase the structure stability of the hexagonal wire mesh and then protect your plants. As for its selvedge wires, we take one or two threads of greater diameter than that used for the net.

Before putting the chicken wire fence up, a trench should be created for the underground chicken wire installation. With the help of this underground chicken wire, no bunnies can dig holes through the vertical fence and get into the interior of your garden in secret. Or we could directly putting chicken wire on the surface of earth to create an illusion of intimidation.

A small fence is made to protect three boxes of plants.
GUCWM-01: Rolls of chicken wire mesh could be cut into small panels and then be nailed into planks individually.
Chicken wire mesh with vegetables inside and flowers outside.
GUCWM-02: Chicken wire mesh could be used without being cut and then fixed into wooden posts as a whole.
A chicken wire mesh is fixed on the wooden frame and a trench is created for deterring gophers.
GUCWM-03: The bottom of the chicken wire mesh is placed in a pre-dredged trench to prevent rabbits and gophers.
Chicken wire mesh is spread on the earth and planks is linked together above the chicken wire.
GUCWM-04: Chicken wire mesh could be put on the earth with out digging trench.

Recommended specification of chicken wire garden fence:

  • Manufacture: galvanized before weaving for durability.
  • Wire diameter: 20 gauge.
  • Mesh opening: 1 in.
  • Height: 18-36 in.
  • Length: 150 ft. (46 m).

Available substitutions for chicken wire garden fence:

Chain link mesh makes itself a fence of garden with four blocks of plants in.
GUCWM-05: Garden fence used chain link mesh is available.
Welded wire mesh is used as garden fence to protect vegetables.
GUCWM-06: Garden fence used welded wire mesh is available.

Chicken Wire Greenhouse

If there are not much plants, an integrated greenhouse could be built in your backyard. Several wooden strips or steel posts combined with chicken wire mesh could create a simple greenhouse for your plants. Plastic film could also be fixed in the middle of wooden strips and chicken wire mesh, if needed.

This greenhouse could not only provide a safe place to against animals, but also aesthetic enjoyment. In addition, all the materials you need are quite cheap.

When you enter the door of garden, a greenhouse made by planks and chicken wire mesh would appear.
GUCWM-07: Greenhouse made by chicken wire mesh linked with planks.
Galvanized chicken wire and steel pipes are linked together to be a tomato greenhouse.
GUCWM-08: Chicken wire tomatoes house 48 inch high by 25 feet long, 1 inch mesh opening, 20 gauge wire

Recommended specification of chicken wire greenhouse:

  • Wire diameter: 20 gauge.
  • Mesh opening: 1 in.
  • Height: 4-6 ft.
  • Length: 25 ft.


  • Large critters like birds and squirrels cannot destroy plants anymore.
  • Protect plants from frost, wind, snow and bad weathers.
  • Sunlight enjoyment and good circulation.
  • Temperature increases.

Chicken Wire Raised Bed

Raised bed is a wonderful design for solving terrible soil, concrete-paved road, animals, kids and space lacking problems. All the materials needed are plank, chicken wire mesh and accessories. Chicken wire could be used at the bottom of raised bed, to prevent gophers entering, when the raised bed is placed in the earth; or to support the soil and allow plants breathe freely. Chicken wire could also be used on the top of the raised bed to make a lid or layer of cover.

Chicken wire makes it self a cover for plants seeds in a plant bed.
GUCWM-09: Chicken wire mesh used as a cover lid for plants bed.
Chicken wire makes itself a perimeter fence for a plant bed.
GUCWM-10: Chicken wire mesh used as a border fence for plants bed.
Chicken wire mesh is made into boxes to protect plants grown in a raised bed.
GUCWM-11: Raised bed boxes made by chicken wire mesh joined with white pipes.
Chicken wire mesh made arched cover to deter some dogs shaped intruder.
GUCWM-12: Chicken wire mesh could be made into an arched lid for the purpose of defense.
Chicken wire mesh is fixed on the wooden frames and made it self a base.
GUCWM-13: Chicken wire mesh should be fixed on the bottom of raised bed.
A layer of covering is placed on the raised bed for supporting soils.
GUCWM-14: Basic framework of a raised bed.
Five raised beds is placed orderly and plants are grown on the beds.
GUCWM-15: Chicken wire mesh is used as upholder of raised beds with perfect ventilation ability.
A raised bed with arched cover on the top of the it.
GUCWM-16: Chicken wire mesh is fixed on the bottom of the plants' bed for deterring gophers.

A-Frame Trellis, Free Standing Chicken Wire Trellis...

Vegetables or fruits growing in vertical direction, like cucumber, bean, grape and so on, could be hung upon chicken wire mesh easily and therefor increase the sunlight exposure and air circulation. Instead of spread on the earth and entangled with each other, chicken wire trellis guarantee a plentiful harvest and clean appearance.

A row of plants is placed beside chicken wire mesh trellis against wall.
GUCWM-17: Chicken wire mesh made common trellis could be free standing or lean against wall.
Several pots of plants are places on a chicken wire mesh made trellis.
GUCWM-18: Chicken wire mesh could be installed on a wooden frame or wall for plants hanging and space saving.
A plant is protected by chicken wire mesh made leaning trellis among plants.
GUCWM-19: A small trellis made by chicken wire mesh and frame is used for planting winding.
A lower height A-frame trellis is placed here on the exterior of vegetables.
GUCWM-20: Lower height A-frame trellis for climbing vegetables. Higher height A-frame trellis is available, too.

Specification of chicken wire trellis:

  • Material: galvanized or PVC coated steel wire.
  • Mesh opening: 3", 4" or as required.
  • Wire Gauge: from 14 ga to 18 ga.
  • Panel size: 53" W × 58" H.


  • Increase the sunlight exposure and air circulation.
  • Be free from dirt and be clean.
  • Efficient utilization of limited garden space and be neat.
  • Production improved.
  • Easy to install, removable.
  • Could be used year after year.
  • Recyclable and environment friendly.

Application: Suitable for tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, pole beans and other stem plants in garden or house.

Available substitutions for chicken wire mesh made trellis: galvanized wire, chain link mesh and welded wire mesh.

Chicken Wire Cloche

Chicken wire cloche refers to chicken wire made cloche shaped protector that protects one individual or a row of plants, not a piece of land full of plants. With several pins attaching to the ground, chicken wire cloche could protect plants from munching rabbits. The aimed plants include lettuce, cabbage, spinach, tulip bulbs; intruders include squirrel, cats, rabbits and other birds. Chicken wire cloche is easily portable and beautiful. Or chicken wire panels could be made into cloche, which is made easily and directly under our guidelines.

A row of vegetables is covered by chicken wire mesh made cloche.
GUCWM-21: Chicken wire mesh cloche could be fixed on the earth with several pins and protect your plants in a nice way.
An individual lettuce is protected by chicken wire mesh cloche.
GUCWM-22: Chicken wire mesh made a simple cloche, determine the diameter and height of cloche totally by yourself.

Specification of this GUCWM-21 chicken wire cloche: 37-1/2" long × 13-1/2" wide × 8" high.

Three styles of using this GUCWM-21 chicken wire cloche:

  • Place it horizontally made a semi oval like this picture to protect a row of picture.
  • Place it vertically and leaning on a wall or something with part of cloche buried to protect one individual plant.
  • Fold this product by the center of it to be an integral oval to protect only one plant.

Specification of chicken wire mesh:

  • Material: galvanized steel wire, PVC coated wire.
  • Weaving type: regular twist (double twists or triple twists), reverse twist.
  • Color: galvanized silver; PVC black, green, blue, etc.
  • Stretching wires: Added every 50 cm to increase the structure stability of the hexagonal wire mesh.
  • Selvedge wires: Take one or two threads of greater diameter than chicken mesh wire.
Table 1: Chicken wire mesh sizes preferred, wire sizes and widths of netting
Mesh opening size e
Preferred annealed wire diameter c
Preferred zinc coated b wire diameter c
Minimum zinc or zinc alloy coating mass f
Typical roll width a d
10 0.60 0.70 145 300
13 0.60 0.70 95
13 0.50 0.60 80
16 0.60 0.70 70
20 0.60 0.70 55
20 0.80 0.90 65
25 0.50 0.60 40
25 0.70 0.80 45
25 0.80 0.90 55
25 0.90 1.00 60
30 0.80 0.90 40
30 0.90 1.00 40
30 1.10 1.20 60
40 0.80 0.90 35
40 0.90 1.00 45
40 1.10 1.20 55
50 0.80 0.90 25
50 0.90 1.00 30
50 1.10 1.20 40
65 0.90 1.00 30
75 0.90 1.00 20
75 1.10 1.20 25
75 1.30 1.40 30
100 1.50 1.60 30
a Other roll widths - by agreement.
b Zinc coated diameter in this table is the coated wire diameter in finished netting.
c These tolerances apply to the diameter of the zinc coated wire in finished netting.
d The tolerance on width shall be ±1 mesh size measurement.
e Tolerances on mesh size shall be ±20 mm for rabbit netting when specified.
f Coating mass as netting coated after fabrication.
For mesh width 75 mm and over centre strands and selvedges could be by agreement.
Table 2: Relationship between the core diameter and the diameter of the organic coated wire
Core diameter
Bright/Zinc coated wire
Organic coated wire diameter
060 100
080 120
090 130
1 00 150
1 20 170

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