Poultry netting also named poultry wire is a kind of light chicken wire. It is suitable as the fencing for protecting rabbits, chicken, quail, furry animals and other domestic fowl. It also can be made to cages for breeding small animals or birds because of its flexible mesh.

Poultry netting used to protect chicken
Poultry netting protecting chicken

Our poultry netting only is manufactured from heavily hot dipped galvanized wire, which can resist corrosion for a long time.

Poultry netting is lighter and easier to work with than heavier meshes and has good vision effects. The hexagonal mesh structure offers excellent air flow and ventilation for the animals. In addition, it conforms well to uneven terrain.

Poultry netting can easily move to a new place, which can supply more nutrition to livestock and poultry. Thus livestock and poultry can get fresh air, rich grass and adequate insects. The manure left by the livestock and poultry is a good organic lawn fertilizer.

If you breed rabbits, chickens, or other poultry, the galvanized poultry netting is needed.

When you chose the poultry netting, please be carefully. For example, a cage for birds, its mesh size should be less than birds head. Otherwise, if the bird's head is out of a mesh, it is possible that the bird will die.
Poultry netting for bird or chicken the best netting mesh size is less than 15 × 15 mm, and for rabbit mesh size is no more than 30 × 30 mm.

We manufacture galvanized poultry netting of different sizes as below table. Our wire netting is delivered in rolls and packaged in waterproof paper, which provides a longer storage time.

Poultry netting (galvanized poultry wire ) sizes
Mesh size (mm) Wire diameter (mm) Roll height (cm) Roll length
8 0.70 50, 100 10 m, 25 m, 50 m
10 0.70 50, 100
13 0.70 50, 100
20 0.70 50, 100
25 0.80 50, 100, 150
30 0.80 50, 100, 150
30 1.00 100, 150
40 0.90 50, 100, 120,150, 200
50 0.90, 1.00 50, 100, 120,150, 200

Poultry netting price depends on the diameter of galvanized wire, the netting mesh sizes and zinc layer thickness (zinc layer thickness from 250 g/m2 to 350 g/m2). You can E-mail us to get the prices.

Hot products size and use

  • Rolls of 20 mm × 50 cm galvanized poultry netting for a decor project.
  • Galvanized and green pvc coated 13 mm hole poultry wire for vegetable garden perimeter fencing, 5 feet high. Galvanized to 250 g/m2.
  • Stainless steel poultry netting 1/4 inch - 25 feet/ roll and 50 feet / roll.
  • 1 inch × 24 inch × 50 feet poultry netting.
  • 1000 feet of poultry mesh 72 inch high.
  • 60 inch poultry netting 2 inch mesh 2500 foot total, and 48 inch poultry netting 1 inch mesh 3000 foot total.

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