If you are serious about your garden plants and want to save them, you will have to seriously think about how to install chicken wire fence. It does not cost much and is effective and versatile. This fence design is a lightweight and bendable fencing option which is also sometimes referred to as poultry netting, a term recently formulated for vegetable gardeners. It can be attached to any kind of pole that has been dug securely to the ground.

There are do-it-yourself projects which do not require much work or equipment. We only need Staples, chicken wire fencing and some stakes. Given below are few steps on how to install chicken mesh fence.

chicken wire fence installed

Step 1
First of all you need to decide the fence area and mark it accordingly. Now measure the distance between the stakes and then add both the measurements. This will be the length of your fence. Add an extra feet if the length of your fencing is not divisible by five.

Step 2
Divide the length of the fence by five and calculate how many stakes you need to build your fence.

Step 3
Take a string and tie it from one wooden stake to the next. This should connect them all. The string helps in guiding the setting for chicken wire fencing stakes.

Step 4
Start with the corners and hammer chicken fence stakes into the ground. The rim should go completely underground. Lay a stake every five feet between the corners once they are set.

Step 5
Take a screw driver and break open the metal hooks on the chicken mesh stakes.

Step 6
In order to keep the animals from going underneath, the wire hooks of the fencing should be attached to the fencing hooks.

Step 7
The hook around the chicken wire should be closed and should be bounded to the stake. This can be done by placing a sledgehammer behind the stakes and beating the hook shut with another hammer.

Step 8
The tent stakes should be pounded firmly to the ground for holding and hooking the chicken wire fence to the ground.

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