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Black Vinyl Coated Chicken Wire and Craft Chicken Wire Mesh

Black vinyl coated metal chicken wire fencing hexagonal woven mesh, and craft chicken wire mesh in apple green, gold, red, pink, copper, silver color.

Chicken Wire Mesh for Young Trees against Hares, Roe Deers, Wild Boars, Rabbits

Chicken wire mesh 200/22/15 for maximum protection of young trees planted in the forest, against wild animals: hares, roe deer, wild boars, rabbits.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Binding Wire, Straining Wire and Barbed Wire

Hot-dipped galvanized steel binding wire 2.00-2.50mm, straining wire 3.15, 4.00mm, four barbs barbed wire 2.5mm, high tensile wire 2.00mm, 2.24mm.

Chicken Wire and Razor Barbed Concertina Wire Specification

Chicken wire netting, galvanized plain wire, diamond mesh, barbed wire, razor wire flat wrap on the wall and razor wire concertina for crowd control.

Galvanized After Chicken Wire - Hexagonal Iron Wire Netting

Hot dip galvanized hexagonal chicken wire mesh (zinc galvanised before weaving), wire diameter 0.4 - 0.8mm, mesh aperture 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 40mm.

Hexagonal Wire Netting Weaving Processing

Hexagonal Wire Netting processing weaving: straight twist, reverse twist, straight and reverse twist. The chicken wire commonly use the galvanized wire as materials.

Hexagonal Wire Netting Woven Type

Straight twist hexagonal wire netting, reverse twist hexagonal wire netting, and double-direction twisted hexagonal wire netting.